Rodney Lavoie Jr. Speaking Events

Rodney has created a unique, full day mental health motivational speaking seminar for students nationwide that he provides to colleges and high schools across the country, which includes but is not limited to: a 1 hour motivational speaking presentation and a 1 hour photo op and gathering with kids and students. Most importantly, following the 1st two hours, the remainder of the day Rodney conducts small group sessions which himself and a Doctor of psychology and Licensed Counselor gathering students who self-disclosed and are at risk of suicide, need mental attention and need help. Rodney provides 1 on 1 student counseling and makes proper referrals for the students who need treatment right away so individuals are being treated ASAP. Rodney also provides the school with access to his Fitness and healthy living program: (Workout and Healthy meal plan, anxiety/sleeping remedies, and overall wellness) for ones wanting to learn and retain a happy and healthy life. 

Reality stars and Public Figures role models sharing stories of life destruction. The organization covers mental health issues such as depression, suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse, bullying, and self-harm. All proceeds donated goes towards education, awareness to inspire our youth to find their own path in living a substance-free lifestyle. These seminars lead to effectiveness as students who are struggling are paired with educators and therapists providing help for those in need. We believe by properly reaching teenagers can help families heal and can also help other families through the telling and sharing of their stories.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our district and talk with our students from Morgan High School and Morgan Junior High School.  Your heartfelt presentation was passionate and to the point.  The students connected with you and with your message.  

I was impressed with how the students opened up to you and immediately felt comfortable talking with you.  I truly believe that your message is vital for all  young people and your personality and sincerity give you a big advantage with students.  

I am hoping that you are able to visit us in the fall at the beginning of school to help us all get off on the right foot for next year.

Thank you again for all  you have done for our students and all you do for all students!  You are making a tremendous positive impact on the lives of our youth – our future!

Lori Synder-Lowe

Superintendent, Morgan Local School District

Rodney is one of the few reality stars that does more than just get another TV contract and a nice car,” said Bauer. “He’s taken an actual platform to do some good. And through his nonprofit, ‘Warriors of Purpose’ he’s actually sponsoring and helping people.

Bill Bauer

Ohio State University / Marietta College

The way you conduct your seminar. From group sessions to  1 on 1 and truly was a pleasure having you at St. John’s. We hope you wear your Blue Jays gear with pride. You made an amazing impact on the kids here in Delphos! 

Adam Lee

Principal, Delphos Saint John's

Just wanted to drop you a note expressing how much Warren Local High School appreciated you presenting your messages to our student body. Your delivery was energetic, as you told personal stories and shared experiences. You have an exceptional way of reaching kids on their level and relating to some of the adverse circumstances that they are dealing with. Your knack for connecting with kids was both thought provoking and emotional. The topics of substance abuse and mental health issues provided our students with Awareness, Hope, and Inspiration.

Thank you for caring about the students of Warren Local High School.

Ben Cunningham

Principal, Warren Local High School