Rodney is a Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor for the National Council for Behavioral Health. Rodney teaches participants a five-step action plan, ALGEE, to support someone developing signs and symptoms of a mental illness or experiencing an emotional crisis: ®Assess for risk of suicide or harm ®Listen nonjudgementally ®Give reassurance and information ®Encourage appropriate professional help ®Encourage self-help and other support strategies.

Like CPR, Mental Health First Aid prepares participants to interact with a person in crisis and connect the person with help. First Aiders do not diagnose or provide any counseling or therapy. Instead, the program offers concrete tools and answers key questions like, “What do I do?” and, “Where can someone find help?” Certified Mental Health First Aid instructors provide a list of community healthcare providers and national resources, support groups and online tools for mental health and addictions treatment and support. All trainees receive a program manual to complement the course material.

The training helps you identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illnesses and substance use disorders. After you receive your certification, you can continue Rodney’s hope is that everyone who takes his class is inspired to continue their education to become a Certified Mental Health Instructor.

Upon completion of this 8 hour-training certification (credential) course from The National Council on Behavioral Health you will have the toolkit necessary to become a first responder to mental health issues and crisis situations.

After Completion of Rodney’s MHFA Certification Course, Rodney will guide you to become a Certified Mental Health Instructor like himself. 

Rodney Lavoie Jr

Rodney Lavoie Jr

CBS Season 30 Survivor

Rodney Lavoie Jr. is Certified Mental Health First Aid Instructor . Rodney offers training for educators, administrators, community service personnel, law enforcement, public officials, and more.

Rodney completed his certification back in 2016, and has taught his course to hundreds upon thousands of students.

Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin Schlehuber

Big Brother, CBS Season 19

Kevin is now in recovery and gets checked twice a month for cancer check ups and meets with a therapist to check on his mental health. The cancer my be gone but the pain never goes away.

“I cant preach it enough. Getting checked mentally and physically is so important and that’s why I want to dedicate my life to help others. I want to help end the stigma.”